Saturday, February 12, 2011

Number 4

I have recently purchased my 4th VW.
1. 1980 VW Rabbit Diesel (1994)
2. 1998 VW Jetta (1998)
3. 2004 VW Passat (2004)
4. 2010 VW Touareg (2011)

That's currently over 135,000 miles driven in VWs.
There was also 2 years from 1996-1998 where I drove a Pontiac Bonneville.
This is my first Automatic VW so I am getting used to that, but a heated steering wheel is helping me move on.
It will be great for trips and taking Lucy around town.


Dale said...

Nice looking car. You're a good VW customer, how come they don't have a customer loyalty program?

Karen said...

now that's some loyalty!