Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Cat Information!

As a new cat owner, I often look to Tom and Meghan for advice on how to raise a happy cat. They never seem to let their cats outside, so I would follow the same routine with Benson. But after some deep discussions with him and some experimenting, I have come to the conclusion that he might like to spend some time outside!
I would have hoped someone would have mentioned this possibility to me before now.

Here are some videos showing how much he likes being outdoors.
He Loves It!

Off he goes...

And it tires him out...


Tom said...

Dave - I'm glad you solved the "riddle". We were "stumped" as to what Benson wanted.

Finally he gets a taste of the outdoors!

Our cats were never outside so they don't know any better - Benson was rescued on the streets and has the fever for the outdoors!

Cats sleep most of the day anyways - so you could get in a routine where he spends 3 hours or so outside when you get home from work but is in for the night.

Karen said...

ah - cats in their natural environment! Glad Benson's logic won out. :)