Monday, December 12, 2011

2011: Things I planned.

Before every year you need to plan to get a few things done. Some specific vacation plans or trip.

March - Vegas
I made it to Vegas for my 8th year in a row. It is still a lot of fun because the city is always changing. Here is a video of the Bellagio water show. A must see at night.

June - Guys trip to Nantucket
My Dad and his friends sail to Nantucket at least once a year. I've been thinking about planning one for the past couple years with my Dad and brothers. The weather didn't allow us to sail over, so we took the ferry and stayed in the harbor. Here is a picture of our cabin on the water. We also managed to see some houses that were in our family in the 1830's.

July - France
My friends took an assignment in France so they offered to host me for my trip and we took some great day trips. I went for a week and had a great time, see my 8 blogs about it from before.
Here is the first picture I took as I exited the Metro.

Aug - Cape Cod
It was great to be able to spend some time with the family and my niece's.
The funny part about this sign on the door to my room, is that this room was a closet since I slept on the sailboat.

Plus with 9 people in a cottage, you have to have specific rules.

Coast Guard Beach. Looking for sharks.

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