Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lucy's Boyfriend

Lucy has a new boyfriend on the street. He is a Weimaraner named Brew, and she loves him. Who can blame her? The breed is very handsome when not crazy. Here is Grayson showing off his moves hoping to impress Lucy when they meet:

However, I am not sure she is playing it cool with Brew. This is her reaction him going by on the street for a walk...

Luckily, Benson is there to calm her down like only a brother can...
(He must be using telepathy)

How does Benson learn to exude such calm?
He meditates for hours every day...
(note the 1 ear movement as a car drives by)

How does he learn such focus?
(Notice the Gremlin like ear position and the crazy eyes)

1 comment:

Karen said...

I think you're a mean dad for torturing your poor dog like that! Take her out to see Brew don't let her cry in the window, poor thing!