Monday, July 11, 2011

France II: Bucket List Bonanza

"When you were in Paris, did you see...." Yes!

Notre Dame (Better at night with fire throwing street performers.
I am now a Cathedral expert and will share some interesting commentary about the carvings when I cover the Amiens Cathedral:

When I landed it was Free Museum Sunday! Who doesn't love that? one on the planet causing such a huge Disney line that I didn't attempt it. The Bucket List Fodder to time ratio wasn't correct.

The Impressionists Museum
I decided if I was going to wait in line it would be for the Impressionists.
Here is a huge picture of the line around the block. I estimated it would be over an hour. I was behind a family from Australia with their 5 yr old daughter, they flew 24 hrs to get to Paris. About 10 mins in security came and pulled them aside to the much shorter "Family with a small child" line...and ME since I looked like their Australian son for the day. I would later learn there is no sense of equality for everyone in France. So subjective treatment, we would see as unfair, does not apply. Another 10 mins and we were IN!

It's bigger than I thought, Kings Island has nothing on this Monster.

If my French was better I would have explained to the mobs of tourists that Paul Revere delivered the Eiffel Tour to France to warn the French Canadians that they weren't going to take their guns. He was also ringing some bells.

This street is not a favorite of the locals since it is mobbed by tourists and looks like a big Vegas Shopping Mall. This is also big, but how about that lamppost for a close second!

We chose to take the stairs up to this Basilica, to be greated by people selling bottles of beer in the street. I guess that's legal here too.

We also saw a street performer who used his soccer skills and love of the song Mambo No 5 to entertain the tourists (not pictured).

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Dale said...


When you visited Notre Dame, did you see any tributes to Joe Montana?

Good to know about the special line thing... Except I'd hafta put a twist to it. How do you say "I'm their foreign exchange student" in French?

"Another 10 min and we were IN!" That's what she said.

"It's bigger than I thought!" That's what she said.