Saturday, July 16, 2011

France III: Amiens Cathedral

In 1208, during the 4th crusade, the head of John the Baptist was brought from Istanbul to Amiens. So to house it, they built the largest Gothic structure every built. The head is not always on display but I was able to see it.
The Cathedral was originally painted, so at night they do a light show to restore the original color. The light show is amazing in its detail and precision.

This cathedral is a monster in a modern city, I can only imagine what it would have looked like on the horizon of these farm 800 years ago!
From Inside: It is significantly taller than I had expected.

The pictures do not do justice to how amazing the original stained glass looks. During the wars they would remove some of the original glass and burry it to prevent it from being destroyed by bombs.


Notice just below the circular Rose Window is I believe every Saint as of 1208.

Here are some of the Statues by the doors. Each has a different story. One was the life of Mary with different scenes from her life. Others show Judgement Day and people being divided into those following angels and other being pulled away by demons.

Look at the amazing detail in the clothes from the light show.

What is also very interesting, is one of the doors has the symbols of the Zodiac and with it pictures of what work should be occurring in your farm at that time. So along with all of these stories from the bible and all the saints depicted, the builders took the time to add the zodiac in fairly prominent spots by the front door.


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